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Jake Derouin

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My name is Jake Derouin. I am a student at CU Boulder and a member of the Colorado XC and Track teams. When I am not on the trails I spend a ton of time learning about technology and occassionally writing about it.

Contact Info

Email: jake.derouin@colorado.edu

Instagram: @jakederouin

Welcome to jakederouin.com

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Here you will find my famous multi-topic blogs: (Blog pages coming soon)

Stride.Length(): A sometimes funny Tech Blog.

High-Stride: My running experiences training high up in the mountains.

StrideScribe: My blog for the wacky and random.

Also stay tuned for cool tools and games and other fun things that I will post in the future.

In the mean time check out these pages (Note that some pages are either unfinished or from my old website and are currently being moved over):

This website is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4 for FREEEEEEE.